Lady Stefanie

Lady Stefanie

Demanding FinDomme - Strict FemDomme - Passionate Fetishist

I am Lady Stefanie.
For my reallife slaves and slave candidates I can be found all over Germany (mainly in the area of Mannheim and Frankfurt am Main).

My focus is on long-term D/S bonds. I educate myself my steady slaves and/or slave candidates at my desire (online/real), so that I have the greatest possible pleasure and maximum benefit from them. At this point it should be mentioned that my real toys must be willing to be available to me for photo and film shoots.

Are you a submissive, slave, fetishist, masochist, fan, or similar? Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, if it is a sincere need to serve me sacrificially, then you are allowed to contact me! As a demanding FinDomme - strict FemDomme - passionate fetishist I am picky and exacting. However, I am NOT buyable. So it takes much more than your money to convince me of you. (The category -Slave Application & Info- will help you at this point).

I discovered my dominance very early and I am a born diva with a touch of natural arrogance.
Even in kindergarten I was aware of how I could wrap the little boys around my finger. Over the years, I have perfected this talent. I have a knack for molding the male into a docile puppet. Likewise, I mastered the weaker sex skillfully to oppress, to order around, to bully and to bring it to lay the world at my feet!

Paying and submissive slaves / subs / fetishists / admirers / fans and co. with the will to obedience.
Sacrifice, generosity, devotion, passion, flexibility, reliability, creativity, loyalty & character!

Freeloaders & wannabe slaves, wish list devotees, disrespect & bad manners, stupidity, lies, unreliability and intensive body odor!
Sex (GV/AV/HJ/BJ/FJ), KV, vomit, animals, children, nakedness on my part, illegal things.


Financial Domination / Money Slavery
Brainfuck / Mindfuck / Manipulation / Teasing
Ballbusting / Cock & Ball
Humiliation / Demonstration / Outing
Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish
Smoking Fetish (Vaping)
Tease & Denial / Homewrecking
Jerk Off Instruction / Cum Eating Instruction
Disgust Training
Spanking / Caning / Flagellation
Aroma - Inhale - Games
Trampling / Crushing
DWT / Feminization / Sissy Training / Whore Education
PVC / Leather / Latex / Wetlook
Satin and Wool Fetish
Pet Play (Dog)
Golden Shower
Strap On / Pegging
Electric Game
Fixation / Sensory Deprivation
and much more.