Madame Marissa

Lady Stefanie

FinDom Lady Stefanie - Strict Dominatrix - Passionate Fetishist

I am Lady Stefanie, 31 years old and living near Frankfurt a. M. in Germany.
Due to my job I commute often, so it´s possible to meet with me in several german cities from time to time. Most of the time you may be able to meet with me in Hockenheim in our BDSM Photography- and Video-Studio* that offers a wide variety of fetish equipment.
My focus lies on long-term D/S realtionships. I train my slaves to fit my preferences, so they`ll be able to grant me the utmost joy and benefit. Submissives, fetishists and BDSM novices are welcomed alike and in good hands with me.
I visit Hamburg and Mannheim regularly, though I don´t have rooms available in those cities. If we will decide to meet in one of these cities, it´s your responsibility to look for suitable locations/rooms in advance.
I explored my dominance at a very young age and I am the born diva with a touch of natural arrogance.
Even back then in kindergarten I knew how to twist the boys around my little finger. I have a talent for making the male nature bow to my will and forming men into my obedient, little dolls. Likewise I have mastered the art of oppressing, commanding and tormenting to make the weaker sex lay the world at my feet.
´Tis early practice only makes the master ...


What I like:
Slaves/subs/fetishists who are willing to pay and obey. I appreciate readiness to self-sacrifice, generosity, commitment, passion, flexibility, reliability, creativity, loyalty & strength of character!
What I don´t like:
Freeloaders & wannabe slaves, subs with wish lists, lack of respect & bad manners, stupidity, lies, unrelibility, strong body hair and body odor!
No-Go´s: Scat, animals, children, illegal things, sexual contact (HJ/BJ/FJ/SEX)
It´s sad I even have to mention that!

My preferences:
- Moneyslavery
(C&G, PayPal, Amazon, Contracts, Transactions, Account Control, Cash Letters, Blackmmail, IOU´s, etc.)
- Ballbusting/CBT
- Chastity
- Humiliation/Degradation/Parading Slaves
- Anal
- Electro Play
- Aversion Training
- Spitting
- Spanking
- Trampling/Crushing
- Feet Fetish / Shoe Fetish
- Feminization/Sissy Training/Whore Training
- Latex/Leather/Venyl/Wetlook
- Petplay
- Psychological Torture
- Water Sports
- Clinic/Needles/Injections
- Sounding
- Immobilization/Sensory Deprivation
- Smoking Fetish
and much more