Lady Stefanie

Lady Stefanie

Demanding FinDomme - Strict FemDomme - Passionate Fetishist

I am Lady Stefanie, aged in my early 30s and for my real fulltime slaves & slave candidates I can be found mainly in the area around Mannheim, Frankfurt a. M. and Hamburg.

My focus is on long-term D/S bonds. I like to educate my permanent slaves and/or slave candidates according to my wish (online/real), so that I have the greatest possible joy/benefit from them. At this point I would like to mention that my real toys must be willing to be available for photo and film shootings.
You are a slave, submissive, fetishist, BDSM lover, experienced or inexperienced? Do you feel the need to be servant and useful to me? As a demanding FinDomme - strict FemDomme - passionate Fetishist I am choosy, requiring but fair and NOT buyable. So it takes much more than your money to convince me of you. (The category -SLAVE APPLICATION & INFO- will help you at this point.)

I discovered my dominance very early and I am the born diva with a touch of natural arrogance.
Already in kindergarten I was aware of how I could wrap the little boys around my finger. I have a talent for getting the male being to be a docile puppet of mine. I also have a knack for suppressing the weaker sex, for bossing around, for hazing and for getting it to lay the world at my feet! ´Tis early practice only makes the master ...

Paying and submissive slaves/subs/fetishists/admirers/fans with the will to obedience, sacrifice, generosity, devotion, passion, flexibility, reliability, creativity, loyalty & character!

Freeloaders & wannabe slaves, wish list devotees, disrespect & bad manners, stupidity, lies, unreliability, strong body hair and body odor!
Sex (GV/AV/HJ/BJ/FJ), KV, vomit, animals, children, nakedness on my part, illegal things.

My Preferences:

Financial Domination / Money Slavery
Brainfuck / Mindfuck / Manipulation / Teasing
Ballbusting / Cock & Ball Torture
Humiliation / Demonstration / Outing
Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish
Smoking Fetish (Vaping)
Tease & Denial / Homewrecking
Jerk Off Instruction / Cum Eating Instruction
Disgust Training
Spanking / Caning / Flagellation
Aroma - Inhale - Games
Trampling / Crushing
DWT / Feminization / Sissy Training / Whore Education
PVC / Leather / Latex / Wetlook
Satin and Wool Fetish
Pet Play (Dog)
Golden Shower
Strap On / Pegging
Electric Game
Fixation / Sensory Deprivation
and much more.