Lady Stefanie

Custom Clip

Are you interested in a custom clip? An individual clip, which corresponds completely to your personal ideas? Exactly such a customized clip you can get under the following conditions:

  • Your ideas must coincide with my preferences, respectively take into consideration my taboos.

  • I insist on my artistic freedom, because the expression of my creativity is important to me. A certain framework can be given by you, but I do not learn a script by heart and I do not read any down.

  • I charge 10,- Euro per minute and shoot only starting from a minimum length of 10 minutes. You will receive your clip 7 days after payment at the latest.

  • Any special requests or purchases that may have to be made for your custom clip will have to be reimbursed by you.

If you accept my conditions, then you are allowed to contact me via private message and present your custom clip to me. As long as you receive my acceptance and the details are clarified, you will immediately pay the agreed price via the tribute function.