Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 30.09.2022 at 12:41 by Lady Stefanie

3, 2, 1, MINE ... And by that I mean your horniness. It belongs to me. The Locktober 2022 is just around the corner and there will be a daily six-sex-minute teaser clip, which intensifies your chaste horniness from day to day!

Get ready now with my clip

-Locktober 2022 - Vorspiel-

and live one month chaste and horny for me!


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Lady Stefanie
Written on 14.09.2022 at 20:01 by Lady Stefanie

Watch out - this year you have the chance to meet me at Venus in Berlin. On Friday, 21.10. and Saturday, 22.10. I am all day at the erotic fair.
After making an appointment, you are allowed to approach locally in the broad mass for example for a cash & go, a live handover of my worn panties, my socks, nylons, etc., or to meet me in person, to finally see my face and/or to let you get exposed. There are countless possibilities.
Contact me in a mannerly way and secure some of my precious time!

The cost of my two-day-ticket of 95,- € of course are allowed to be covered besides the costs for accommodation, food and shopping.

By the way: I am in company of my beautiful and nasty girls Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Cruel Reell.



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Lady Stefanie
Written on 13.09.2022 at 17:56 by Lady Stefanie

At least five years I have worn these leather Chelsea boots from Buffalo. Accordingly, the traces of wear.
Just right for you? -Then you're in luck, because these shoes are for sale for 100,- Euro including insured shipping. Snap up, contact me in a mannerly way and secure these hot items.

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 31.08.2022 at 10:59 by Lady Stefanie

From 06.09. to 09.09. inclusive Cruel Reell, Miss Catdeluxe and I will finally get together again. We will, as always, have a lot of fun together. For our amusement we allow selected and willing to pay slaves, admirers and fans to be available to us in realtime for filming.

We assign only a few dates. So follow the category -Slave Application & Info- and stand out positively from the crowd with your request to secure yourself an appointment.

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 02.08.2022 at 15:30 by Lady Stefanie

This morning, immediately after waking up the lust has come over me.... The masturbation scent and nectar of my divine pussy captured in these panties. And it could be yours! You are offered here an exclusive opportunity and this cost you. I expect a minimum tribute of € 250.00 and give my fragrant panties to the highest bidder. If interested, I expect your mannerly and spendable request by private message. Snap it up before it's too late!




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