Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 23.11.2023 at 19:06 by Lady Stefanie

I met Michele and Enrico from XXX-Solutions in person at this year's Venus and the chemistry between us was spot on. We deepened our contact after the erotic exhibition and are now working together. So from 2024 you can look forward to even higher quality content from me.

Increase your anticipation and check out XXX-Solutions right away!




Lady Stefanie
Written on 21.11.2023 at 16:18 by Lady Stefanie

On Saturday, 09.12.23 and Sunday, 10.12.23 I will be in Stuttgart for the last time this year. Saturdays in the studio and Sundays outdoors. I will allow a maximum of two worthy slaves/admirers/fans to meet me or be useful/serviceable to me.
Your request should be made promptly by private message and stand out from the crowd!



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Lady Stefanie
Written on 20.10.2023 at 19:40 by Lady Stefanie

Today was beauty day, because on Monday I go to Berlin. The Venus erotic convention is just around the corner!

The costs for the care of my beauty is of course on you.

Hydrafacial face treatment € 150,-.
Eyelashes € 50,-
Manicure € 50,-
Pedicure € 40,-
Tips, parking ticket, coffee & snack € 50,-

Not only I enjoy my divine appearance, but also you! Double, triple and multiple payments to me will be made, as always, via the well-known tribute function! ... And a generous extra tribute for my trip to Berlin should of course be included.

#PayMyBills #Tribute #FemaleSupremacy.


Lady Stefanie
Written on 17.10.2023 at 12:28 by Lady Stefanie

My slave PipiMax-SpeckTittchen now also has a LoyalFans FanClub. There he reports about his evolution from a slave candidate to my steady slave and shares contents of our journey.

Here you can follow our adventure. Become a follower and subscriber now!

PMST LoyalFans FanClub

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 29.09.2023 at 21:10 by Lady Stefanie

For this year's Locktober I have a great special planned.
In order to drive every single chastity individually into heaven and hell of horniness, there is the opportunity between 01.10.23 and 31.10.23 to get a custom clip around the topic of chastity at half price.

10 minutes custom clip for 50,- €

Check out in advance my category

Custom Clip

and then contact me politely by private message.



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