Lady Stefanie


You crave something personal from your honored lady? Here in my shop I show you items which are permanently available for purchase. Special wishes can be requested by private message!

You're interested? Then have a look at the category -Slave Application & Info- and follow the instructions to contact me. Be sure that you have to open your wallet for a personal item. So attach a worthy financial offer directly to your request.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Products

Whether pedicure foot dirt like clipped toenails and cornea, or food crushed by my feet - My foot fetish products are a real treat for the palate.

Hosiery Fashion

Worn Hosiery Fashion 

From nylons to sneaker socks, every type of hosiery fashion is available. The finest scents, from delicate to tough. It all depends on you.

Worn Shoes

Worn Shoes

From time to time I clean out my oversized shoe closet. I own almost every shoe model. A pair of worn shoes from me will certainly do well with you and you surely already have a perverse idea for their use. The wearing condition is individual and refinements are possible.


Ashtray Content

The look of your smoking goddess fascinates and excites you. For this reason, it goes without saying that you finance my cigarettes and buy my ashtray content from me. Go ahead.

Spit And Chewing Gum

Spit & Chewing Gum

My spit is a delicacy. My perfect lips could not produce anything less. Even chewed out gum or pre-chewed/chewed food are delicious treats after my preparation.

Cosmetic Trash

Cosmetic Trash

You think I would just throw away my cosmetic trash? Of course I don't! After all, there are losers like you, who even pay a proper tribute for my garbage. My everyday cosmetic trash is waiting for you to be rummaged through, breathed in and tasted.

Bath Water

Bath Water

I love to relax in the bathtub and you love to buy the bathwater, which has touched my divine body before, by the liter. Enjoy it.



Of course I have a fulfilling sex life. Unlike you! Do you have a small and/or ugly dick? Are you impotent and/or even still a virgin? Maybe you are a cucki and/or just hungry for alpha cum? However, at an extortionate price you can buy hot fucking leftover/condoms from me.

Cristmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Every December my Christmas cookies with "very special toppings" are available upon request! Only as long as the stock lasts. Be sure to get a portion early.