Madame Marissa


You crave something personal from your honored lady? Here in my shop I show you personal items which are permanently available for purchase.

You're interested? Then have a look at the category -Slave Application & Info- and follow the instructions to contact me. Be sure that you have to open your wallet for a personal item. So attach a worthy financial offer directly to your request.


Foot Fetish Items

My foot fetish items are already waiting for your tongue, nose and that thing between your legs! Worn shoes, socks and nylons as well as objects and food crushed by my feet can be purchased regularly next to my pedicure leftovers.


Ashtray Contents

As my human ashtray, it goes without saying that you buy my ashtray contents from me. It's best to round it up and pay for the next pack of cigarettes as well.


Spit And Chewing Gum

You are crazy about my divine spit and you just can't get enough of this noble saliva.I can fill some of my delicious spit into a jar for you. You are already imagining at this moment how you taste my spit and/or use it as a glide gel ...



Of course I have a fulfilling sex life. You little beta, however, don't know shit about fucking. Are you a cuckold or just a cum eating loser? Either way, for an exorbitant price you can buy my condoms full of alpha cum.


Cosmetic Trash

You think I would just throw away my cosmetic trash? Why would I do that? After all, there are losers like you who pay tribute even for my garbage!