Lady Stefanie

Slave Application & Info

You would like to submit an application for/as and/or are interested in/as

  • a long-term slave education (online and/or real)?
  • a cam session?
  • a cash & go or a shopping tour?
  • photo and film slave?
  • personal items from my shop?
  • an outing?
  • etc.

Fine! Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1

I expect that you have informed yourself extensively about me before contacting me, that you are aware of my preferences and taboos and that you are willing to give yourself to me completely for my pleasure.

Step 2

Register for free here on my homepage and then top up your credit so you can contact me via the message function.

Step 3

I demand an orderly and detailed application from you. A slave application. This should contain information about your person as well as details about your previous experiences, preferences and taboos. You may also tell me in which form you can serve me and how you want to satisfy me financially.

Be aware of the following:

  • As a domme I stand above you without a doubt and expect you to honor me.
  • Of course I am untouchable for you.
  • I act within the scope of common preferences, respecting taboos on both sides.
  • My sessions serve the purpose of creating photo and video material.
  • You want something from me and therefore you first have to prove that you are worth my attention, so make yourself interesting for me.

Things to know:

  • Sessions (online/real) are also possible together with other ladies.