Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 11.08.2023 at 13:15 by Lady Stefanie

Next Monday, the 14.08.23 I will be in Bochum. I offer a single and worthy slave / admirer / fan the chance for a short and expensive Cash & Go / Cash & Coffee. The time window to meet me outdoor is between 18.00 pm and 20.00 pm.

An optimal opportunity to meet me in person, to enjoy my beauty and feel a touch of my majesty and dominance.

Mannerly and convincing requests are allowed by private message.

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 17.07.2023 at 16:29 by Lady Stefanie

August and high summer are coming. But not only that, but also concentrated female power in the form of Kim Judge, Cruel Reell and Lady Stefanie. Together we heat up the Roermond area in the Netherlands.

This is your chance for a costly cash & go, a hot cam session or an incomparable wish clip.

Take this opportunity before someone else does and send your polite request via private message NOW.

#FemaleDomination #Femdom #FinancialDomination #Findom #BratGirls #MeanGirls #BDSM #Fetish #FemaleSupremacy
#KimJudge #CruelReell #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 10.07.2023 at 16:18 by Lady Stefanie

This weekend it will be hot in Stuttgart. Not because of the current temperatures, but because I will be present!
An opportunity for you to meet me outdoors and put a bunch of cash at my feet. Polite request allowed via private message.

#FemaleDomination #Femdom #FinancialDomination #Findom #BratGirl #FemaleSupremacy



Lady Stefanie
Written on 01.07.2023 at 12:58 by Lady Stefanie

For my slaves, admirers, fans and co. I created a crowdfunding project on Wishtender. Together you can pay for my home and do something great! Over and over again, until the target amount is reached...

Wishtender Crowdfunding


#Home #CrowdFunding #Wishtender #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 06.05.2023 at 19:09 by Lady Stefanie

Yesterday's sushi night with friends was paid by me. Needless to say, you are paying for it. For this 100,- Euro goes to me.

Likewise, today's costs of 200,- Euro for my new hair iron will be covered by you. Finally, my brown, long and beautiful hair is demanding.

Double, triple and multiple payments to me are made via the well-known tribute function!

#PayMyBills #Tribute #FemaleSupremacy