Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 12.01.2023 at 17:15 by Lady Stefanie

Today I went to the manicure and pedicure. My claws are sharpened again. A perfect sight for which you refund the costs as always double, triple and many times.

€ 100,00

(fingernails € 45,- / toenails € 40,- / tip € 10,- / parking ticket € 5,-). Costs cover via tribute function.


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Lady Stefanie
Written on 07.01.2023 at 13:32 by Lady Stefanie

Have you noticed that in my category -Wishlist- not only my wishlist from Amazon, but also that of Wishtender can be found? Take a look and become a wish tender too!


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Lady Stefanie
Written on 31.12.2022 at 12:55 by Lady Stefanie

My special day (03.01.) is just around the corner and to celebrate this befittingly you are allowed to congratulate me mannerly and give me plenty of gifts.

On my specially prepared birthday wish list you will certainly find a gift for me.



Alternatively, you can send me an Amazon voucher code via private message and/or give me a financial gift, as named below:

Tribute Homepage

Tribute Finmessage


Furthermore there is also a new face picture of me this year, to the extortionate price of course. You don't treat yourself to anything else. I am your personal luxury and on the occasion of my upcoming birthday we both enjoy your financial gifts to me.

My Face 3





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Lady Stefanie
Written on 23.12.2022 at 12:38 by Lady Stefanie

Wishing my users a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2023!

My Christmas present to you - I have increased the number of characters for private messages from 400 to 500 characters. Try it out right now and send a private message to thank me!



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Lady Stefanie
Written on 02.12.2022 at 14:51 by Lady Stefanie

For the preservation of my beauty there was a hydra facial face treatment for me today. You are allowed to refund 150,- Euro to me NOW in part, in full as well as double and multiple times!

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