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This is Fabri.

An old loser an almost virginal wandering whore.

It is not appropriate to advertise a payment which is then never received. The original payment amount of € 134.00, for a sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie set, is currently € 400,00 after default and usurious interest charged by me.

Do your duty...

Status 02.10.21
The loser continues to play dead. However, I can see that he is hanging around on my profiles here and on other sites. I now increase the total amount of the fine to 1.000,00 Euro.

Status 24.11.21

Well, well. Fabri came crawling back yesterday. I could move him to the insight and the loser may now pay by installment (4 months á 250.00 Euros) his debt to me. The first installment payment was made on 23.11.21. If the installments are not paid, the outing will be continued and intensified.

Status 14.12.21

Loser Fabri fulfilled his obligation on 10.12.21 and made his second installment payment of 250.00 Euros.

Status 01.02.22

Since mid-December, loser Fabri has been playing dead. Neither has he wished merry Christmas, a happy New Year, nor congratulated me appropriately on my birthday. Today at 01.02. then came his clumsy and expected by me message with a lot of blabla. He has charged credit, but too late. Because this should have been done in January. In addition, he has not sent this credit as tribute for his installment payment, but continues to bunker it as credit. Since so far also still no appropriate and acceptable apology for the omissions came, just as little as a compensation, I will of course expand the outing a bit. Here you can see a screenshot of Fabri's profile at Kaufmich. If you look closely, you can see, among other things, his stated place of residence in Switzerland. And here is the link to the profile: KAUFMICH

Status 01.03.22

After the last extension of his outing, loser Fabri has made his third installment and thus penultimate installment payment of 250.00 Euros at the last minute. Still open is a proper apology for the aforementioned omissions, as well as a worthy, belated birthday present.

Status 01.05.22

Sooo, the loser refuses and since I have waived the extension of the outing last month it is now twice as hard. Because not only his rates were not paid, but also a sincere apology, as well as a belated birthday gift. So I set the still open total debt simply again up to 1.000,00 Euros. For now. Now everything depends on my mood. Maybe I increase the amount in between, or extend Fabri's outing daily. Who knows. For now, here is another piquant photo and a link for all those who want to see how the old man gets kicked in his balls! KLICK ME

Status 01.06.22

On 21.05.22 loser Fabri has actually managed to make an installment in the amount of 250,00 Euros. In addition, he has apologized, but a belated birthday gift he has still not delivered. A balance of 750,00 Euros total debt is still outstanding, as well as an appropriate present for my past birthday (03.01.). Let's see if the old loser makes another installment payment in June and makes a worthy gift, or if he still blossoms the extension of his outing.

Status 05.07.22
Total loser Fabri has paid an installment of 250.00 euros on 05.07.22. From unbridled horniness he has even loaded 150.00 euros more to consume my addictive loser porn and to pay jerk off and cum tributes. The outstanding balance of his total debt is thus currently 500.00 euros. An appropriate gift for my past birthday, however, is still open... Let's see what July will bring yet so!

Status 14.08.22
Loser and Wimp Fabri has made his last payment in the amount of 250,00 Euro on 05.07.22. Currently he is taking his time to pay off his debts. In addition, he is the, by me often named, birthday gift still owed. To give Fabri's outing some more emphasis and to show that I have him by the balls, I show here what the Internet has spat out about the loser, among other things. PS: Fabri, it's time for you to pull the trigger! See all those red censors in the last picture? - They will possibly fall...

Status 04.09.22

Fabri the loser has actually managed to pay another installment of 250.00 Euros on 24/08/22. The outstanding balance of his total debt is therefore only 250.00 Euro. However, an appropriate gift for my past birthday is still open.... September is still long and a lot can happen!

Status 07.11.22
Loser Fabri has done it! On 19.10.22 the old bastard has made his last payment in the amount of 250,00 Euro. Nevertheless, he still owes me a belated and appropriate birthday present. Due to the almost one year of debt and in view of my upcoming birthday, this should be accordingly generous!

Status 08.03.23
Although all rates were settled by fulltime loser Fabri. In the meantime, however, this old virgin and horny buck already owes me two birthday presents. Quite embarrassing. I'm thinking about whether I just put some more unpleasant pictures and infos here online...