Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 02.10.2021 at 12:10 by Lady Stefanie

On Friday, the 29.10. and Saturday, the 30.10. I will be in Stuttgart.

Dates for Cash and Go meetings and/or cam sessions may be requested mannerly by private message.


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Lady Stefanie
Written on 26.09.2021 at 10:55 by Lady Stefanie


Locktober usually stands for chaste locked away slave dicks, orgasm free horny days and weeks. For some, this month is pure horniness. For others it is hell come true and again for some a mixture of excitement and madness. No matter to which kind you count yourself, no matter whether you spend the Locktober closed, chaste or cumming - it will be hot, because Reell and Lady Stefanie will make sure of it!

The two of us had a sexy photo shoot in exciting and arousing lingerie and the result is an absolutely erotic set of pictures that will make your cock pulsate every single day of Locktober. We'll send one of our potency-maximizing pictures to our fan club subscribers/followers every day via PTV message. That means you decide for yourself wether you can handle so much provocative eroticism when opening the pictures by paying or wether you let these pictures slip away....

Pssst: The entire image set + extra images is already available in my stores at the top price.


Locktober Image Set


WARNING: These pictures could possibly cause the chastity device / cock to explode.




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Lady Stefanie
Written on 23.09.2021 at 17:38 by Lady Stefanie

On Monday, 27.09. and Tuesday, 28.09. I can be met individually and together with cock whore Gina in Mörfelden-Walldorf.

Short live streams are planned via Loyalfans, AVN and My Dirty Hobby.

Dates for private cam sessions via Skype may be requested mannerly by private message.

Watch the status of my Yootalk Hotline and Melkline. It will be changed regularly between Ignoline and Talkline! Ignoline means, you may listen to what is going on. Talkline means you get to talk to me/us.

Appointments for Cash and Go may be requested mannerly via private message.


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Lady Stefanie
Written on 07.09.2021 at 18:33 by Lady Stefanie

The costs for my new IPhone 12 Pro Max in the amount of € 1.249,00 are allowed to be refunded by you.



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Lady Stefanie
Written on 22.08.2021 at 21:40 by Lady Stefanie

My registered users will find another almost free goodie in my store from now on:

Goodie 6


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