Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 28.06.2021 at 17:19 by Lady Stefanie

Small reminder to my lovers of ns, kv and toilet clips: I can't offer these kind of clips on my HP.
You can find them here, among other places:




My new NS / KV / Toilet clip -Toilet Envy- is NOW online there.



#ToiletSlavery #HumanToilet #ToiletTraining #Fetish

Lady Stefanie
Written on 25.06.2021 at 13:03 by Lady Stefanie

For carefree, awesome sex with my lover you may take over my 6-month pack of antibaby pills in the amount of 39,95 Euro.
Unlike you, I have a very active and satisfying sex life, while your sex consists exclusively of me and findom!
The amount is to be rounded up, of course, to at least 50.00 euros.

#PayMyBills #Tribute #GoddessLife #FemaleSupremacy #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 16.06.2021 at 11:12 by Lady Stefanie

Finally the time has come - Cam chat is now possible directly via my homepage!
Wait until you see me online or make your personal appointment for a cam chat/cam session directly via private message!

#Cam #CamChat #CamSession #OnlineSession #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 08.06.2021 at 18:56 by Lady Stefanie

You are registered here, but you have rarely or even never made yourself useful? You should change that NOW, because only an active user is a good user.
My homepage is my realm. Here the male gender and the like has to make itself useful and pay homage to me.

Plain text: Load credit and invest again in clips, photosets, shop articles, private messages, chat and/or tribute!



#BeUseful #ProveYourself #Worship #Binge #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 01.06.2021 at 10:42 by Lady Stefanie

Do you already know and The new startups with potential for success in the scene. Blogger Mia knows what she's doing.

In June I will be featured on as the

-Lady of the Month-

listed. Click, consume post and as Bloggerin Mia already mentioned: Work hard, function, pay, FOR ME. And that's in endless loop!

You can also find FemdomFetish and FetishProject on Twitter. Click, follow and always be up to date.





Info for colleagues:

FemdomFetisch and FetischProjekt are platforms with high potential. In my eyes an excellent opportunity to start as a beginner RIGHT. Blogger Mia is at your side with words and deeds and can support you optimally from her own experience! Also for already experienced ladies FemdomFetisch and FetischProjekt offer great service. It is worthwhile to drop by!



#FemdomFetish #FetishProject #LadyStefanie