Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 14.06.2022 at 13:47 by Lady Stefanie

On 01.07. Miss Catdeluxe and I will travel to Leipzig to visit Madame Svea. Our departure will be on 05.07.. Thus, we have plenty of time to use and exploit the one and the other worthy submissive together real and/or online.

Follow the category -Slave Application & Info- to offer yourself. There are only a few spots available, so qualify and convince us with mannerly behavior and financial potency!

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 07.06.2022 at 12:56 by Lady Stefanie

I just came from the tax advisor. I paid the invoice in advance. Of course, the total amount will be refunded to me by my adoring entourage.

The sum in the amount of

€ 1.976,59

is now allowed to be paid, as always, double and triple via my tribute function.

#PayMyBills #Tribute #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 27.05.2022 at 10:39 by Lady Stefanie

Finally - A new, almost free goodie for my registered users has just gone online:

Goodie 10


You are not registered yet? Then do it now:



Lady Stefanie
Written on 07.05.2022 at 14:36 by Lady Stefanie

Yesterday I took my beloved dog Bella to the vet.

The amount incurred in the amount of

€ 216,71

now, as always, allowed to be paid double and triple via my tribute function.

#PayMyBills #Tribute #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 02.05.2022 at 13:20 by Lady Stefanie

In the course of this month I will redesign my homepage a bit. Be patient, curious what changes and always continue to be diligent to please me.