Lady Stefanie
Lady Stefanie
Written on 10.04.2022 at 13:28 by Lady Stefanie

I have decided to give away my, worn for several years, bathrobe. A special piece, which has often come into contact with my naked, moist, creamed and divine skin. This orange bathrobe served me in the morning after getting up, after bathing/showering, after sex or simply when I wanted it cozy and snug. A very personal garment, which has my scent within and certainly gives a lot of pleasure to a real admirer.

Before delivery, the bathrobe is worn once again by me and wearing photos are there for the lucky buyer in addition.

Of course, this wonderful piece is not for free. You will pay something for it! I expect your tribute offer by private message. Snap it up before someone else does.

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 04.04.2022 at 18:46 by Lady Stefanie


Today I treated myself with an eyebrow micro blading. At your expense, of course.

The cost in the amount of


is now allowed to be paid, as always, double and triple via my tribute function.

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Lady Stefanie
Written on 14.03.2022 at 12:04 by Lady Stefanie

Between Thursday, the 24.03. and Saturday, the 26.03. Cruel Reell, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and I are located together to the Ladies Meeting in Offenbach am Main.

Follow the category -Slave Application & Info- to offer yourself for a Cash & Go. Be aware that this is a costly opportunity which requires financial potency!

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#CruelReell #MadameSvea #MissCatdeluxe #LadyStefanie

Lady Stefanie
Written on 10.03.2022 at 13:27 by Lady Stefanie

It's time again. A new, almost free goodie for my registered users has just gone online:

Goodie 9


You are not registered yet? Then do it now:


Lady Stefanie
Written on 24.02.2022 at 12:54 by Lady Stefanie

Spontaneously I am in Hamburg from Tuesday, 01.03. to Thursday, 03.03. included.

The costs of my hotel are attached and will of course be reimbursed proportionally, or even better, completely or several times.

During my stay it might be possible to meet me for a

cam session, outdoor session, cash & go.

I expect a mannerly private message to arrange details.

#FemaleDomination #FinancialDomination #FemaleSupremacy #LadyStefanie